High Wire Lover

by The End Times Spasm Band

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Our first full length album! Distributed by Chain Smoking Records.


released July 2, 2011

The End Times Spasm Band are Lyndsy Rae Patterson, Elizabeth Helms, Zach Wright, and Eric Stuckey.

Engineered and mixed by Geoff Montgomery at The Ensomberoom, Fort Wayne. Mastered at The Boiler Room, Chicago.

Sleeve art by Portley Colwell.




The End Times Spasm Band Fort Wayne

Liberté, équalité à la fin.

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Track Name: Summer Song
It’s a blistering, bubbling day
No degree of relief from the shade
As you stagger and sweat to the store
Just to loiter by the freezer door
But you can’t stay too long
So you’re singing your summer song
And feeling very red and blue today

Frieman Square is our own swimming hole
It’s just the way that we roll
Splishing and sploshing along
Until we crave coney dogs
The sun beats down Main Street
A steady pulse of city heat
That robs your motivation and control

Under blankets we dream’t when it was cold out
Our cheeks a rosy tint
We’d sleep through til summer, I’d no doubt

Riding bikes til the hour is ten
And off to the Rail once again
Inside is a packed sweating stew
Out back a hipster petting zoo
Feeling that urge to roam
To any old where but home
Or any of the places that you’ve been
Track Name: My Dear So-And-So
It was over before it began
From the moment he first took my hand
So take from your pocket
A cotton tissue
As unfolds a sad tale of an intimate issue

My dear so-and-so
I thought I saw you yesterday
Pushing about the riverside drinking
Watery lemonade
With her
Oh yes, with her

My dear could’ve-been
I’m glad it went down your damn way
Sneaking around your old haunts cheatin’
Til I found out that day
It was her
It always was her

But I’ll tell you why
I’m not gonna cry
When I saw that baby carriage
I knew our love just had to die

My dear nobody
You know it was never meant to be
Cause you never would’ve had that ugly baby with me
Track Name: Still Leaving the Porch Light On
The pitter patter of the rain on a window
Like footsteps on a walk
Reminds me that you are far
As I wait for your knock

The rhythmic brushing of the apple tree branches
Outside the bedroom wall
Sounds just like your breath
Coming down the hall

I’m still leaving the porch light on
From nightfall until dawn
Gazing out on the morning dew
For any sign of you

The quiet moaning of the floor as I’m pacing
Echoes my heart’s cry
How could you leave me here
Without saying goodbye
Track Name: Beelzebub
You work that fancy language
Like Beelzebub at my ear
The words you speak
Ain’t the same as the message
That I’m gettin loud and clear

You pass that loco reefer
Like the ice cream man on my street
And all the while
You think you’re clever
As if I couldn’t keep my feet

You scheme and plot and run the numbers
Until they come out right
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday night

But with Sunday comes the paper
With a headline loud and true:
If you think
You’ll win me over
Then you better get a clue.
Track Name: Even a Red Hot Mama Gets the Blues
Kick off your shoes
Sit you down with my home brew
Listen in while I relate the news
I been done wrong
Now I’ll sing my done-wronged song
Even a red hot mama gets the blues

Done all I can
Runnin’ round with a no-good man
He ain’t worth being treated cruel
Some things won’t change
Til your life is rearranged
Even a red hot mama plays the fool

His ghost lingers
But the whiskey washes him down
Tried to hide in all the saloons in town
The morning wakes and reminds me that
Even a red hot mama gets the blues

Folks it’s a fact
Can’t teach a man how to act
If you excuse his savage abuse
Send him away
If you heard a word that I say
Even a red hot mama gets the blues
Track Name: Frustrating Baby
You want to stay in
You want to go out
And catch a movie
You want to call friends or keep it just you and me
Don’t like it too hot
Don’t like it too cold
Or inbetween
Don’t like too much fat or worse when it’s much too lean
Oh frustrating, oscillating baby of mine
Ain’t gonna be no loving till you make up your mind
How can I understand
What you want from me
When you play games
This indecision is gonna drive me away

You push and you shove
You want lots of love
You’re breaking me down
I’d give you a kiss and you would call me a clown
You think that I’m nice
You think that I’m nean
You’re causing a scene
You’re sinking this ship, we’re both singing off key
Oh frustrating, oscillating baby of mine
Ain’t gonna be no loving till you make up your mind
How can I understand
What you want from me
When you play games
This indecision is gonna drive me away
Track Name: Wake Up Bix
Wake up, Bix
If you don’t
Want to miss another minute of this
Open up your eyes
Shake away that sleep
And pull yourself in from the deep
Second fiddle’s
Not such a drag
You know most of us live in the middle
Confess your fear
To the open sea
And realize it ain’t better to leave

Some will settle
Some will bend
Some will let the very road take the pedal
But not you
You’re head is strong
Even though you might be wrong
But one hair
Can always break
The back of the mule unprepared
So please let
A friend take some weight
After all you might find they relate

Wake up, Bix
So you won’t
Ever miss another minute of this
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be scared
Don’t worry ’bout how you compare
You can’t always
Be the best
But you still have to live one more day
Keep your feet dry
And when you’re okay
You’ll realize that you want to stay
Track Name: High Wire Lover
I’m a high wire lover. When you give me a squeeze
I start to tremble from my heart to my knees.
To one burning kiss like a moth I’m drawn,
One gentle wind and my loving is gone
As I fall!
Just when you think you had me,
It’s like you never knew me at all.

I’ve traveled the world, lived every occasion,
At one time or other held every persuasion.
If I give you my loving, I’ll love you only,
But don’t ever believe that I’ll be lonely
When I fall!
Just when you think you caged me,
It’s like you never held me at all.